Monday, August 12, 2013

3 things stepmothers hear in the grocery store

Every Saturday morning Arianna and I go on our weekly trip to the grocery store. She makes her list which normally consists of bananas and goldfish (because they have to be in constant supply) and I make mine. Let me tell you, Miss A is quite the shopper. If you were to ask her what her favorite store is she would ecstatically respond "TJ MAXX!" I have never met a little girl who enjoys shopping as much as she does and as you can imagine this terrifies Daniel. :)

So we hop in the car and head to Walmart. I normally try to get there before 10am or else I feel like its a battle to the death. I consider it a successful trip if I don't run into three other buggies, wait 20 minutes or more in line and I don't drop a six pack of Dr. Pepper in the middle of the isle. Yes that actually happened to me about a month ago and yes it did explode. I smelled like Dr. Pepper for the rest of the day but I guess that is what happens when you pray for humility the night before.

Anyways, I find myself having to stop at least every other isle because Ari has caught the attention of another stranger. I blame it on her long brown curls. :) It amazes me what people say to me when this happens. Here are my favorite 3.

1. Oh she is beautiful! She must look like her daddy.

2. She looks nothing like you! Is she yours?

And last but not least, once its known that she is my stepdaughter

3. You look young to be a stepmom! How old are you?

Yep, I have heard every single one of these comments and have heard them more than once. My responses are usually short and sweet to protect Ari from hearing the sometimes not so positive comments or questions that come our way.  You never know what you will see or hear in Walmart. :)

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